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Example Project Plan For Integrator Work To Implement A New Pacs System -Ccure 9000

Does anyone have an example/average project plan for integrator work to migrate a PACs System from an old GE/Casi Rusco product to CCure 9000? That would have the following assumptions: replacement of an average of 35 panels and 250 card readers and assumes that we will maintain using the current wiring.

Hello Teri:

Are you looking for a detailed estimate? Or are you interested in the technical steps needed to change a Casi Rusco over to Software House CCURE9000?

Brian I could use either/both. We are in the process of completing our RFP with our integrator but it is not final yet. But I have been tasked with putting an estimate project plan together as well as a master schedule for all of our sites and I want to make sure I represent the Integrator work properly.