Exacq Video Email Attachment?

We have various Exacq systems successfully sending attached video clips by email after being triggered by camera motion detection.  I have been experimenting with using I/O trigger inputs on the Exacq server connected to a PIR or door contact to trigger an alarm event to reduce false notifications on video motion due to shadows, etc... on outdoor cameras.

While I can easily get an I/O input trigger to generate a notification email, I am not having any luck getting a video clip from a camera to be sent along attached to that email.  I have tried various options such as Source Groups in the Event Linking section. 

What am I missing?  I am using the most current ExacqVision server software.  

I have not found a solution among the online help videos at http://www.exacq.com/video/ 

Are there any good non-Tyco discussion groups specific to ExacqVision users out there for simple questions of this sort? 


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