Exacq IPS-04 Strange Issue - Picture Goes Fuzzy

I have 2 exacq units in service and nobody has mentioned the particular video problem that i am experiencing.The picture seems to go out of focus for split second on both systems.Its hard to explain in that it goes fuzzy and then ok about every 1.5 to 2 seconds.I tried installing another vms on exacq unit the hikvision ivms-4200 and the picture is rock solid.I am thinking there is some issue with software.I have updated it to latest 7.XXX and any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Gerald, what brand of IP camera do you have on this Exacq unit? I've seen this issue with Pelco cameras connected to Exacq NVR's.

Hi Gerald!

Check to see if h.264 deblocking is set to "By Device" in the Excaq Client settings. You can try setting it to "Enabled" which forces it to deblock any and all streams.

If it has no effect I would say to set it back to "By Device", since Exacq warns that extra resources could be consumed by deblocking video on streams that are not actually deblocked.

Also, take a look at this discussion and see if this looks like what you are experiencing. In the last post Lee mentions that when he turns on h.264 deblocking that the issue disappeared.

Thanks for replies.I will check on it for deblocking.I am using the 2 hikvision od4565 6mp and 1 2cd4a65f also 6mp and total of 5 done by p2p ds-2cd2732 and dahua ptz.

[IPVM Note: Poster is From Exacq]

Deblocking is my guess. The 1.5 second timing sounds like the timing of the I-frames.

This is an interesting issue. Gerald could you let us know if enabling the Deblocking fixes the issue.

It happens the same with our 2 systems in Brasil.
We´ll try the suggested action and let you know.
We´re using Samsung SNO-7084R Cameras.

Yes Savio the major fix is to enable deblock under client tab in setup.Also you can paly around with accereration set to vga.I still has tiny amount of fuzzy effect.I used another vms that shows none of this effect so its definately the exacq client vms becuase i relayed my findings to exacq support.