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Exacq Supports RTSP?

Will Exacq accept RSTP live streams?

yes, we have a few cameras streaming RSTP into Exacq at our office here. But there will not be any motion detection possible (Exacq is camera-side motion detection only) so you would need to record on a schedule only

this is where you add the RSTP camera in Exacq - you choose the RSTP device type and enter the IP address and port with the RSTP connection information into the address field- it could look something like this: rtsp://

Mark, thanks.

Besides no motion detection, with RTSP, there are no camera controls enabled / provided inside of Exacq. For instance, if you want to change resolution, frame rate, compression, etc., you will have to go to the camera. Likewise, if somehow the cameras setting was changed on the camera by someone else, the VMS would be impacted at all.

Because of that, RTSP is typically a 'last resort' for 'integrating' cameras with a VMS. You'll get video but that's it.

Thank you. The thought process was . . . if I wanted viewable access to an outside organization's VMS system's Camera, ... which is not supported, controlled or recorded by me. . . could I just establish a device in the Exacq system as a RSTP stream, which would probably require a license cost ... but that's all.

You could do that and I've seen some people take RTSP outputs from low cost DVRs and essentially use them as RTSP connected encoders.