Exacq "Easysupport" - Is This Useful? What Other VMSes Do This?

In Exacq's 6.2 release, out yesterday, they added a feature called EasySupport. It essentially let's you choose specific log sections, add notes, hit a button, and upload them to submit a tech support request without having to call tech support first.

(Note how they slyly slipped in a reference to AD in this example image)

The "Upload" button also prepopulates some fields of their support form automatically for users:

So no more having tech support walk you through manually downloading these logs on the phone, then attach them to an email, etc.. Exacq is claiming response to the request in 24 hours or less.

So the questions: Does this alleviate a common pain point for support? Do other VMSs do this sort of automatic upload?

Their overview video:

Yes it does help support a lot!!

Have had this feature in a POS software product that I used to install and made life so much easier for support staff.

Haven't seen it in any other VMS platforms though.