European Analog Camera

We have an enquiry from a French retail chain for thier new supermarket. We have already done Avigilon for one of their supermartkets. This time the price is a factor, so theyare looking for analog cameras with European orgin.

Appriciate if I get some ideas of good European brand analog cameras taking price also as a factor.

Thanks in advance !

From what i know Bosch has/had a CCTV factory in Portugal. But i can't say which models would be produced there. Otherwise, in Romania there are a couple of "producers" buying parts from China and assembling them here but i doubt they are good brand to rely on in a project. If it helps i can research these also

Yes, it would be a great help

Found them : . Good luck!

Thanks for the effort, what about its video quality


To clarify, you want SD analog or HD analog?

And it has to be a European brand?

John, well I'll go with SD analog as price is a factor. Yes it has to be European brand.

If the price is low, HD also could be taken in

That's a tough combo - SD analog will reduce prices, all things equal, but having to buy it from a European brand will increase prices :)

From my limited European knowledge, I believe a number of the big European manufacturers with analog are German, in addition to Bosch, the specialists Dallmeier and Geutebruk.

What about Vista from UK coming out from Norbain

Sure, I suppose but isn't Vista just relabeling their analog cameras from Asia anyway?

Baxall is in the UK, they are pretty good, and of course, Mobotix, though they are strictly and IP camera company.