Ethernet Extender

We are soliciting proposals to install CCTV in a fairly large parking garage. Because of the size, there are several cameras that are significantly greater than 100 meters away from the switch. One solution available to us is an in-line ethernet extender, namely the Veracity Outreach Max XT Outdoor Ethernet and POE Extender. I am seeking experience with this device, or ethernet extenders in general, and your confidence in their reliability of a good signal and decent life span.

Hi Ed, first question: What sort of cameras are you going to be using? PoE output at long distances is limited, and you may not get full power. Anything requiring a heater/blower would be a concern.

Second, are you set on doing PoE extension or would you consider using coax? I ask because you'll need an Outreach every 100m, so you may need 2 or 3 or more in a run, depending on how long they are. If you look at Ethernet over Coax, you could possibly get more PoE output at longer ranges, with only one transceiver at each end. In our tests, the NVT NV-EC1701 supplied PoE at 2,000'+.

Most of the cameras will be multi-sensor Avigilon but yes, all will be POE. The furthest distance will be less than 600' so i do not believe there will a run that will require more than one extender. The garage currently has analog cameras in it, so there was some consideration given to ethernet over coax, and will likely have to be revisited. We were trying to avoid additional failure points, but we are right back there if we have to use extenders.

We have been using Vigitron with Avigilon for our coax needs and no issues so far.

Keep in mind the Avigilon Multi head in-ceiling version uses 13W Class 3 POE

Outdoor versions like 802.3at if you need extra low temp rating

I also would strongly recommend you test whatever extenders onsite before you sell them to the customer. We had issues on onsite with one company and switched to Vigitron and the link worked.

My recent experience is fairly close to your project:

We recently completed a project with 49 cameras in a 9 floor parking garage where only 1 data closet existed in a bottom corner. The longest run was ~1100' over existing Cat5e unshielded UTP. I utilized Vigitron VI-2516s 16 port receivers with Vigitron VI-2301a transmitters. No issues 3 months later. The only issue I have is how cumbersome the management interface is on the 16 port receiver but many competing products have no management interface.

On this project we originally planned to use competing products from the more commonly mentioned brands but I did not want to have technicians spend a significant amount of time rack mounting single port units into the chassis.

We normally utilize Veracity or NVT. No out of box failures on any of them.

All three of the products mentioned are great with their own bonuses and drawbacks unique to each. As long as you stick with the more reputable brands and involve their sales support up front to ensure proper selection you should be fine.

Field test one product on the longest run before unleashing a full order.

I've used ethernet extenders from Enable-IT. They work very well. Will deliver PoE+ up to 2500'.

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