Trade show brawl...

The underdog ESX (Electronic Security Expo) is taking aim at mega show producer ISC (i.e., ISC West and ISC "it's too small to be called" East).

In a new mailer, ESX made it clear how much better it is than ISC. Here's their comparison:

So ISC evidently is behind the trends, has crappy show floor conversations and is not fun and inspiring. It is evidently good for getting your badge scanned by ACTi employees stalking the show floor.

Btw, if you are wondering if 'other trade shows' refers to ISC, yellow is their color, I mean gold, you get my point...

This is a little surprising.

In the security industry, there's an unwritten rule to never say anything critical about anything else (obviously one we do not abide by).

Also, we do not really see these shows as competitors, since ISC West is more for video and access, ISC East is for people who live in a 100 mile radius of the Javits, and ESX is for intrusion dealers, no?

If you put on reality-tinted glasses, it looks more like this:

Very funny #622, however I believe you left out the key (although despicable) advantage for ESX:

Best Booth Babes!*

*As rated by D.D. Power and Associates customer satisfaction for year ending 2013 based upon rigorous statistical analysis and one-on-one interviews with the occasional two-on-one where possible. Your mileage may vary.

As an end user we have never even considered going to or sending anyone to ESX. Never even been asked by a vendor or integrator whether we are going either.

In a new release, ESX bragged that over 2,000 people came to the 2014 event. As trade shows go, that's pretty small, with ISC getting ~20,000.

I went to ESX for the first time this year. If your primary business involves alarm monitoring then I think it's probably a good show to attend. However, if you're looking for anything else, then you're going to be disappointed.

so is ESX worth looking at, now, in 2017, with many of you/us bashing ASIS for not being a worthwhile tradeshow, and while ISC East maybe kinda sorta is growing up to be an interesting show if you are close enough?


p.s. as far as I can tell the tradition of not saying negative things is a "the press are too much wusses to write real press pieces because they're addicted to their ad revenue (and apparently never heard of journalistic independance.)  then again maybe it's some 1860's era integrator thing they've not let go of yet...

not sure what you are arguing on a 3-year old post, but I think that there is a clear difference between ASIS, ISC West, ISC East and ESX.

I've been to an ESX show and it is clearly an alarm company show.  All the other shows mentioned above are security industry shows (surveillance, access control, drones, robots, etc).

So your question

"so is ESX worth looking at, now, in 2017"

is best answered by the individual reader's place in the industry.

For alarm folk, it's a decent show - regardless of attendance figures.

For surveillance/AC folk, maybe not so much.