Enhanced IPVM Search Functionality Launched

IPVM is happy to announce an upgrade to our website search functionality.

IPVM Image

We are now weighting results based on member reads. This means that when you search from the top right corner of any page, the results are now likely to be far more relevant for members as they navigate the site. Let us know what you think.

And, if you have any other site enhancement recommendations, let us know!

Can you please make the rendered list of results be actual <a> links instead of <li> buttons?

This causes a problem for three scenarios:

  1. When I'm writing a post, I may want to refer to another post, so I'll do a quick search. But I want to stay on this page, so I'll middle click the search result to open in a new tab. However this middle click function only natively works on links.
  2. Sometimes there is a wide topic that I want to look at, so I'll do a search and then open 4 or 5 of the results. But not all of them. The problem is that buttons make you go to exactly one of the results. When you click the button, you are taken to that page. I'd rather open four of them in a new tab instead, but again that's only possible with links (unless you attach an event handler and reinvent the wheel).
  3. Sometimes I actually am interested in the URL, not in actually visiting the page. For example, if I want to copy a link to a page in order to post it in a comment. Guess what? For links you can right click and copy link address. For buttons you can't.

I honestly have no idea why you were ever using anything besides <a> links. This was so annoying that I ended up writing a userscript just to fix this mistake.

Hi UI #1,

This is Duc from the IPVM Dev Team. We highly appreciate your feedback!

The main reason why we use <li> buttons is for styling purpose, but I do agree with you having <a> tags would definitely help with navigation. Great advice regarding usability!

We'll proceed with embedding <a> tags inside of the search results so you can use functionalities like middle click, "Open link in new tab", or "Copy link address". I'll post another comment here once it's live.

Once again thanks for your feedback and sorry for any inconvenience.

The rendered list now has <a> tags. Please check it out and let us know if we can help with anything else!

Thank you!

Another part: I forgot that in my userscript I had to fix the hiding function also. By default, the swiftype menu gets hidden as soon as there is any click, left, right, or middle. So if you're trying to middle click multiple items, after each middle click you have to click on the search field again to bring the swiftype menu up again. Any chance that you can change the click event handler to only hide if it's a left mouse button?

It is live! Please check thanks! Let me know how it goes.

Thank you very much! This sure beats my userscript. I had to do some crazy setTimeout with a 200 millisecond delay to make it even work. This is much better.

Thank you both for these changes as they truly make the site better for all of us.

What other ideas do you all have for search or general site software improvements?

Thanks for asking! I would love it if there was an up arrow button, like many sites have in the bottom right corner, that scrolls all the way to the top of the page. Though I understand the function of displaying the most recent comment, if it is a discussion I have not looked at yet, I naturally start at the top. If it is a long discussion, this requires a lot of scrolling, and if I scroll too early, I have to scroll all the way up again after all the page elements finish loading.

Dan, thanks, can you post a screencap of what that looks like? I get it abstractly but not exactly sure where it goes and what it looks like.

We do have a show oldest | newest option at the top of the discussion, e.g. below:

IPVM Image

We could up and down arrows to that or show this at the bottom or?

I am not Dan, I think however they mean like the following image. The button however would always be at the bottom of your view as you scroll and would take you to the top of the article or the top of the comment section, as sometimes the scrolling can be crazy.

IPVM Image

Thanks, UEU2, you beat me to it. That is exactly what I mean, something other websites with lengthy pages have implemented that I find useful.

Here is an example from Hanwha's category listing page:

IPVM Image

From DSX's main page:

IPVM Image

Page design article on back to top buttons: Back-to-Top Button Design Guidelines

Using that standard sort of design would be preferable to adding more linking to the in page view control buttons (show oldest/newest post first).

May also help to note that for me at least this is only really an issue when clicking into a discussion from the right where it simply takes you to most recent comment, I do like that it does that don't get me wrong, but having a way to quickly get to the top of the page would be helpful, especially in long ones, for me to get caught up.

Dan, #2, thanks for the details, we will add this. When done, we will post back here.

Dan, #2, appreciate your feedback! The back to top button is now live. It's only visible for long page after you scroll after a certain distance, as suggested by the Back-to-Top Button Design Guidelines . Let me know if it helps. Thanks!

I forgot I posted about this till I saw it show up naturally. Thanks a bunch this is great.