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End Users: Please Comment On Johnson Controls P2000 Access Control

Can any end users share their recent experiences with P2000? As I understand it, it's a completely proprietary system - no one else can sell it or get trained to maintain it - and it's lacking in integration options. I'm trying to understand how JCI is having any success selling it. Is it price? The Johnson Controls name? I thought it might be building automation, but most of the customers don't seem to be connecting the EAC to the BAS, so I don't think that's it.

It just doesn't make sense to me when there are non-proprietary options I'm figuring there's something I'm missing.

Disclosure: Not an end user

I understand that P2000 includes a handful of systems, like Access, HVAC, Lighting, Video Surveillance and Intrusion. In this way, the 'integration' is limited to JCI branded control systems.

As you point out, all but the most enthusiastic end users are a little hesitant to hand over all these systems to JCI and spend the money wrapping them together. In this way, JCI's sales strategy is to often lead with P2000 access control (a 'must-have' system that is comparatively less expensive than integrating thermostats or light fixtures) to gain a foothold in a facility. From there, forward progression in folding everything into P2000 or Metasys is not guaranteed!

Also, it appears that JCI makes extensive use of 3rd party access hardware. In theory, you could repurpose JCI hardware into another system.

Looking at the picture -

It doesnt look like a Mercury Panel (like the ones that over half the access control systems out there use) - probably a JC created product. Out of luck if you want to do a takeover of the hardware with another party software.