End-To-End Home Security And Automation From Sage By Hughes

Has anyone else seen this system?

Seems pretty slick...

Some of the devices:

Sage's parent is EchoStar, who is best known for producing television boxes like Slingbox and the Hopper. Sage was originally marketed to be a way for satellite providers like Dish to enter the home security space similar to the way cable providers have, but they've recently started selling direct.

We are writing up a profile of the company and the offering. There are a couple of notable strengths of the offering compared to startups like Scout, Canary, and Korner:

  • Backed by a real corporation, not just a fundraising campaign
  • Sage touts a Design team with hardware, firmware, and home appliance integration experience
  • Monitoring is Optional, so purely DIY consumers avoid mandatory contracts but can as needed
  • Sage integrates with TVs, so alarm monitoring/video cam feeds are overlaid on the household's main screen, not just mobile phones and tablets.

More details are coming in our note. I'll update here when we publish.