End Of Q3 Conflicting With ASIS 2014?

A few sales people have mentioned to me that the timing of ASIS this year is problematic. It falls on the last 2 days of the 3rd quarter. End of quarters are typically critical to bringing the last few deals to make the quarter.

Sales people, what do you think? Are you going to close huge deals right in the booth? ;)

It's moderately stressful timing.

Yes, most sales people are closing deals right up until the last day of the quarter, but rarely do those last 2 days make-or-break a quota.

If attending ASIS is going to seriously inhibit you from making your number, you probably have much larger problems.

I would add that it is also the last days of budget spending for many entities. It used to be the fax machine would be spitting out requests and PO's that needed to be confirmed about now.