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Encoding Synetics PTZ Camera System

Good Afternoon gentlemen

I have an installation which used the following equipment.

1)Camera Samsung scb4000

2)PTZ head MAD Topper

3)Telemetary unit Synetics Mini DCR

4)Lens Pentax H20ZAME-5p-m (zoom lens 12- 240mm)

I would like to encode this analogue system using the Axis m7001 encoder.

My problem is that I cannot find the protocol for the synetics telemetary and this means that I cannot move the head or zoom or focus.

Please could you advise me on a good Telemetary unit that can do this job including focus.

I will be needing over 300 of them.

I forwarded your question to Synectics.

If you don't have a contact at Synectics yet, I can connect you. This is such a specific / advanced topic that it is best to get manufacturer guidance on what they support.


Synectics responded me with the right contact person. I just emailed you his name and email address.

Let us know how this goes and if we can help further.