Editor Brags About Being Bribed

Trade mag editors are typically clueless manufacturer shills but rarely do they public brag about it. Security Products editor-in-chief stands out:

"True to form, Altonix is kicking off ASIS 2013 in regal fashion. A penthouse full of guests will be taking in the Cubs/Pirates baseball game at Wrigley Field. I feel like the luckiest man on earth. I love baseball."

Evidently, he loves baseball more than being a journalist.

On the positive side, manufacturers take note for future shows. This works.

"And, as always, stop me if you want to talk about editorial opportunities or contributions. I'm always looking for something new." Maybe he should add to that "but you will not get mentioned unless I get something out of the deal."

Unfortunately this is just the way things have always been throughout our society...Thankfully we have great neutral people like IPVM to help sort out the bribes from the truth.

I guarantee that "penthouse full of guests" is 90 percent trade magazine editors and staff. Altronix ALWAYS does it big for the trade magazine editors right before the show. My first time at ASIS I had to go to one of their events at the request of my boss and there were two tables full of editors. I won't name names, but one magazine even had their whole staff there.

They try to make every person from the company available for you to talk to as long as you make sure to show up to their sessions and press conferences during ASIS. And they are pretty diligent with their follow up calls afterward.

Altronix knows exactly what they are doing.

And so do the magazine editors.

It gets better:

Another Security Products editor bragging about another manufacturer taking them to a fancy dinner.

Another trade magazine editor brags:

It's amazing. They simply have no conception that this is wrong.

And if you ask these editors if these perks influence their coverage/scrutiny of certain products or issues the answer would be a resounding "No."