Edge LPR Coming Into 2016?

Hi All,

Getting a feel for successful implementations of Edge LPR throughout the world,

who's offering what nowadays - it's a difficult search as there don't seem to be that many manufacturers, and even fewer that I can find have field reports

what products have you guys used that works well?,

When you say 'edge LPR' do you mean running as an app on a COTS camera or?

We have some tests: License Plate Recognition (LPR) Axis App Tested and Genetec AutoVu LPR Camera Tested

Yes, software apps running in-camera, no servers needed!

I've seen axis has 4 different Aplication Development Partners with LPR software plugins for example,

who else is doing pure, in-camera LPR nowadays and how good is it?



Arteco can do edge LPR in Samsung cameras with Open Platform.

And what about PlateSmart on Samsung? There was an announcement about it. Is that in production?

Yes, PlateSmart runs on Samsung OpenPlatform, but I believe it still requires a server or cloud connection for the actual LPR and reporting. In camera, it is detecting the plate and sending just that portion of the image to be processed. It is more efficient that traditional server-based LPR, but still does require a server somewhere in the architecture.

Here's an odd, but cool looking standalone LPR camera (as cool a license plate camera can get that is), the Carrida

IPConfigure's eLPR for Axis cameras is a pure edge LPR platform that requires no client or server installation/support and can run autonomously inside the camera storing up to 500,000 plates and metadata on the internal SD Card. eLPR also supports a push/pull API for integration into 3rd party platforms.



Chris Uiterwyk

IPConfigure CEO

We've installed a system using 2 cameras running IPConfigure eLPR. It seemed to work great at first, but then we were unable to get any support from IPConfigure when the system stopped working randomly. Tech support gave up on us when we had problems and we were informed at the time that there was only one person at IPConfigure who knew anything about it, but that person never returned emails.

Buyer beware.

Hi UD4I, Do you have a support ticket number that I can research your claim against? Your details are inconsistent with our customer feedback and the overall capabilities of our product and support team. In such an event where IPConfigure has failed you I will exhaust my resources to resolve your problem to include on-site support or a full refund. Regards, Chris Uiterwyk CEO IPConfigure, Inc. 877-207-1112

Hi Christopher,

I appreciate the offer to help, but we took the eLPR out over a year ago. My first comment was just a synopsis of our experience with the system, so I think it's important others hear about the good and bad of any system, and this was simply our experience.

Again, thanks for the offer, but we'll let sleeping dogs lie with this one.

UD4I, Unfortunately such an allegation can't be let go. The IPConfigure team operates with the understanding that the success or failure of IPConfigure is based on the success or failure of our partners. At minimum, I ask that you provide me with the opportunity to reflect internally on the claims you have made. Did you submit a ticket, if so please provide the ticket number? Otherwise, please email me direct with any emails that document what you have said. chris.uiterwyk@ipconfigure.com Regards Chris

UD4I, Unfortunately such an allegation can't be let go.

C-level tip #7: Don't accuse your customers of lying.


Your beefing Christopher about using the term 'allegation' - as if this word infers that he doesn't believe the customer?

Anything claimed - sans proof - is an allegation.

Christopher appears to be seeking that proof. Not to prove the 'customer' isn't lying, but instead to find out if the procedures and processes he has in place weren't followed by his own people - so he can do something about it.

Your beefing Christopher about using the term 'allegation' - as if this word infers that he doesn't believe the customer?

Actually I wouldn't have said anything had that been all there was to judge his intention on. But its pretty clear that he has some doubts about the "claim".

Anything claimed - sans proof - is an allegation.

Right, "sans proof", is part of the definition. So calling it an allegation is a way of saying "These accusations which you say are true but haven't provided any proof of."

Which is an odd tone to set with a obviously displeased customer, even if it is technically an "allegation".

Nor can this be explained as just this sentence. Tell me honestly how you would feel after recounting a failed install, if the CEO of the company that you were displeased with said:

Your details are inconsistent with our customer feedback and the overall capabilities of our product and support team.

As in, "What you think does not match what I know."

Who would want to continue trying to convince the CEO after that attitude? Not even, "I'm sorry that we weren't able to help." Instead the closest we get is the 3rd person impersonal, "In such an event where..."

So, yes, I believe that the word allegation was used to point out to those listening that there has been no proof provided. Which casts aspersions. If you want to believe that it was to "do something" about his procedures and policies, that's fine with me.

I know Digifort started with it. Currently compatible with Dahua LPR but in future also ARH cameras. ARH has of course their own LPR cameras with processing inside (like Smartcam). Also seen Tattile that do it inside the camera.

Does anyone have any experience (Good or Bad) with Inex-Zamir cameras like the IZA-500: http://www.inexzamir.com/iza500.html?

We have 14 IZ cameras installed. Takes some time to get it dialed in but fairly reliable. we use it for automating visitor access control to communities without having to give them a rfid tag.

For those who have had experience with IPConfigure - did you have any issues with multiple captures?

I'm also looking for a solution that will email an image with plate details, time and date. Seems we can't do this with IPConfigure without purchasing the VMS.

OpenALPR runs embedded on Axis cameras however the processing is done in the cloud where the plate metadata and video clips are stored for 60 days at $79/month/camera.