Early Access To IPVM Calculator V3 Is Now Open

Good news, we have finished our beta for the new IPVM Calculator. The official announcement will be made mid-September when people are fully back from summer vacations, etc.

Now, we are letting people in early.

If you want in, comment below or email us at info@ipvm.com. We will flip the switch and you will have full access to the new faster, more streamlined Calculator.

Any questions or feedback, please share as well.

UPDATE: Early access is now closed. We will officially announce / release the new Calculator next Monday the 18th.

Would love to try it out. Working on a few 60+ camera systems now.

James, great. You are now activated. It is the same Calculator URL / page, you'll just automatically be displayed the new version when logged in.

It should be faster, especially for exporting projects. It also autosaves and auto recalls where you last left off when you return.

Any issues or problems, just let us know and we will fix asap.

Would like to give it a go!

Would love to try it out


Count me in!

May I have early access? I have a couple projects to work on. Thanks.

Streamlined, Faster - can't wait to try it!


would like to check out the new calculator

would like to have a look

Cool, sign me up. I have a couple of things to work on.

Please give me early access to the IPVM Calculator.

Thank you.

I have been using the calculator quite a bit so would love to kick the tires of the new version!

I'll give it a go!

Guys I would like to give it a go as well. Been using the original and making it work for me.

please add me to this early access.

thank you!

Add me to the list please.

How will we know if we are looking at the new tool? will the tutorial video going to show V3?

Thank you!

Yes please add me to the list.

Yes I would like to Beta test it

commenting below....

I'd love to give it a shot!

Yes please! Would love to see the new features you are rolling out; perhaps they may address some of the feedback I've been meaning to send RE the original version.

Kathleen, others, if you have feedback about the existing version, you can let us know here.

John Scanlan is activating people and emailing confirmations.

I'm in, thanks!

If there are any more spots I'll take one. I have some experience; I just found out that I have been a unwitting beta-tester for Ubiquiti for a number of years.

I think that the improvements are great! i just wish that we could copy and paste a camera.

John, thanks. Copy functionality has been added on the new Calculator. Demo gif below:

Just in time, I need to come up with a presentation in the next week. Please sign me up.

Please let me in.

Would like to test it . Thanks.

I'm in, thanks.

I would like to try it if possible. Thank you.

Would love to try it out

Would love to try the new version, have a couple of projects on the way that it would be nice to test it on

Love the calculator. Can't wait to see the latest version.

Count me in, I always like to be a beta tester.

Please add me to the early access.

Very excited to try it out!

I'm in. Can't wait to see it.

I would love to have access to the new calculator. Thanks!

I want in!

Anything you guys come up with, is worth looking at it. Count me in as well, Thanks.

Please add me as well

I'll try the Beta!

Count me in.

I'd love to try it out!

Would like to test this also!

would love to try it. would this apply to only my login and not my entire group?

I would welcome the opportunity to check out the new beta.


Hello John, I would welcome the chance to try the new version.

Looking forward to the new calculator.

Yes, please. Turn me on............. Thanks

Hi I would love to get access to this, I am trying to design a few setups for our locations.

I would like access to the new version as well, thanks.

Open sesame

I would like access to new version!

The new version is definitely faster.

Autosave is a great concept, but manual saves allows me to undo a mistake.

Is there a way to copy an existing map so that I can experiment with an existing one without changing its configuration?

Steve, to copy an existing calculation, click on the permalink icon on the upper left side, copy it, paste it and go, then you will see a link to 'make it a part of your projects':

That way you can have effectively duplicate copies one of which you can experiment with.

As for an undo feature, I see the value. Let us talk about it internally about what type of implementation issues are involved.

One idea would be to have the autosaved map go to a different filename.

It might be simpler just to make a user preference page allowing us to turn off autosave.

There could be a check box when opening a file whether it would autosave or be read only.

Love to try it out.

Yes please - finalising a 64 IP CCTV installion deal as a phase 2 of on a project in London. Run over 2 miles of cabling, have terminated over 150 cables, already installed a multi VLAN (4), Layer 3 Managed switched network infrastructure, WiFi, EPOS network which has been kicked hard by the client and is rock solid... But now it's showtime... 64 cameras viewable from 3 different locations in the same building. Oh and they want to view different camera subsets over 9 monitors (3 in each location) at the same time. So I'd love to see what bandwidth and storage results V3 will produce. I have built scaled drawing of each room on each floor. Not long back from a lengthy meeting to agree spec so could be very useful to compare figures before the final ok tomorrow morning..Installation may be starting this weekend coming!

Would also love to try it.

Thanks John. Is it possible to add the later models from Dahua please? Some of the IP cameras I'm going to be using aren't listed :(


Is it possible to add the later models from Dahua please?

Jeremy, Sure, we can do that by tomorrow. Which models do you want included? Dahua has numerous series so if you can point us to which series or models you want, we will get them in ASAP.

Fabulous John!

the following series please






and SD42212T

would be most useful

thank you

Jeremy - these have been added. Let me know how else I can help by commenting here or by email: jscanlan@ipvm.com

Hey can I get access to the V3 Calculator



New feature added to early access V3. PTZs now combine the current FoV with a circle to show the potential 360 pan coverage. This automatically is disabled whenever any PTZ model is selected, as demonstrated in the GIF shown below:

We expect to regularly be adding new features as bug fixes to the new architecture decline.

Next up, look for a major improvement in how we handle integrated IR / night PPF/PPM previews.