Early Access To IPVM Calculator V3 Is Now Open

Good news, we have finished our beta for the new IPVM Calculator. The official announcement will be made mid-September when people are fully back from summer vacations, etc.

Now, we are letting people in early.

If you want in, comment below or email us at info@ipvm.com. We will flip the switch and you will have full access to the new faster, more streamlined Calculator.

Any questions or feedback, please share as well.

UPDATE: Early access is now closed. We will officially announce / release the new Calculator next Monday the 18th.

Would love to try it out. Working on a few 60+ camera systems now.

James, great. You are now activated. It is the same Calculator URL / page, you'll just automatically be displayed the new version when logged in.

It should be faster, especially for exporting projects. It also autosaves and auto recalls where you last left off when you return.

Any issues or problems, just let us know and we will fix asap.

Would like to give it a go!

Would love to try it out


Count me in!

May I have early access? I have a couple projects to work on. Thanks.

Streamlined, Faster - can't wait to try it!


would like to check out the new calculator

would like to have a look

Cool, sign me up. I have a couple of things to work on.

Please give me early access to the IPVM Calculator.

Thank you.

I have been using the calculator quite a bit so would love to kick the tires of the new version!

I'll give it a go!

Guys I would like to give it a go as well. Been using the original and making it work for me.

please add me to this early access.

thank you!

Add me to the list please.

How will we know if we are looking at the new tool? will the tutorial video going to show V3?

Thank you!

Yes please add me to the list.

Yes I would like to Beta test it

commenting below....

I'd love to give it a shot!

Yes please! Would love to see the new features you are rolling out; perhaps they may address some of the feedback I've been meaning to send RE the original version.

Kathleen, others, if you have feedback about the existing version, you can let us know here.

John Scanlan is activating people and emailing confirmations.

I'm in, thanks!

If there are any more spots I'll take one. I have some experience; I just found out that I have been a unwitting beta-tester for Ubiquiti for a number of years.

I think that the improvements are great! i just wish that we could copy and paste a camera.

John, thanks. Copy functionality has been added on the new Calculator. Demo gif below:

Just in time, I need to come up with a presentation in the next week. Please sign me up.

Please let me in.

Would like to test it . Thanks.

I'm in, thanks.

I would like to try it if possible. Thank you.

Would love to try it out