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DX8100 DVR Query


Appreciate if anyone can advice on the following queries

  1. is there any FTP link where we could download the recovery disc?
  2. How do I change the Pelco camera resolution & relevant FPS in DX8100 system software?

Thanks in anticipation.


Have you tried going to Pelco's website or Pelco customer support? This is a basic question they should be able to handle immediately.

Here is a link to the recovery software.

Here is a link to the user manual.

Here is a screen cap that should help...

A trick I learned to bolster available resolution and fps is to activate all camera channels, set the channels that aren't being used to the lowest possible resolution and fps and then save those settings. Then go back and deactivate the camera channels that aren't being used.

This works best if you also spread out the camera inputs in groups of four...............of course the down side is if you don't have a lot of storage you get maxed out faster.