DW Spectrum V3.0 Information

I updated my personal DW Spectrum server today to v3.0 (Beta) and was glad to see we will no longer need either port forwarding or VPN for remote access to our Spectrum servers. DW now offers a cloud connection option in v3.0 that no longer requires any open inbound ports. This should please many around here that frown upon port forwarding.

There are also other features that we will implement quickly for some clients. The ability to serve a webpage as a view is very powerful IMO. We have one client that this will simplify their operations by only needing one app to perform their tasks. They need to view a camera and then toggle a setting on a webpage. They will now be able to do that from a single app.

The new look of the client is fresh and am still getting used to it, but not too different that you need to learn a new interface. I am also hoping that with the improved storage system, we will no longer see write speed errors that we currently see on some servers.

JD, thanks for sharing.

So, DW Spectrum now has P2P


They call it the Cloud Connect, but I guess it's similar to what others call P2P.

Curios whom are they using for P2P server?

may be Amazon

( HIK using Amazon )

The cloud demo server is currently hosted on an acquia.com server (dw.cloud-demo.hdw.mx), but that could change when it goes live.

One of the great new changes that I see is the user management. They totally revamped it so that you can now set up profiles with specific cameras, permissions and layouts and then just add users to those profiles.

Gone are the times of having to manually add layouts to each individual user each time changes were made.