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DW Spectrum Remote Client Issue

I've been using HD Witness/DW-Spectrum this year to decide if it will be a good offering to our customers. I have a problem accessing the enterprise server over the WAN with their client software. I setup the profile for the client with the remote information and connect just fine. The placeholders for the video windows on the saved layout all show up, but there is no video. It just flashes connecting. I tried on multiple workstations on multiple networks, even from home, and I have the same issue. Any suggestions?


The issue must be easy to solve. Normally you just need to portforward 2 ports ( going to be just one from the next version ) and it should work just fine. Normally ports are 7001 and 7002.

If you have issues doing this, just send e-mail to with specific details and we will resolve this.

In general I think this feature works and quite well optimized for different bandwidth.


Sergey, do you work with Network Optix? If so, would Adam contact Network Optix if he was in the US or Digital Watchdog?

Yes I work with NetworkOptix. Normmally it should go with Digital Wathcdog support, but since Adam mentioned he has it in multiple locations, I would like to check it by myself.

Thanks Sergey, I know I've asked you about this before. I changed the ports and it popped right up. In the manual there are three other ports listed, so I wasn't sure which I needed. We are looking good now.