Dvtel Level NVR

We are looking to market a semi-known or a well known NVR brand software.

What we are looking for is a DVTel level quality/features and pricing which means:
Not expensive license price.
Good ONVIF support and motion detection that is done on the server side.
Client/Server architecture.
Support for mid to large systems of cameras.

Recommendations by manufacturers are also welcome.

Which DVTel version? Their high end one - Latitiude? You need all DVTel features?

Which specific features besides the few you list are critical? Many VMSes have good ONVIF support, server side VMD and client/server archicecture.

How many cameras do you want to support? What systems do you want to integrate with the VMS?

What is a 'not expensive price'? $50 per channel? $150 per channel? $250 per channel? Are annual maintenance fees a dealbreaker for you?

Yes I mean the Latitude.
Listing all the features here is too much but what I mean a feature set that can compete with milestone / genetc / avigilon like:

Support for dual stream.
Bookmarking/synced playback
timeline for all played back cameras
search alarms/bookmarks/events
support for virtual matrix
scheduled backup
hot backup for cameras
Audio and I/O support
rules engine
support for unlimited number of users

the NVR should support multi servers while each server should support at least 64 cameras if not more.

A large system should support about 150-200 cameras.

License price should be around $100 to the installer.

All that for $100? :)

I am not sure if you are going to get all of that for that price, but perhaps consider Luxriot, as relatively speaking, they have lots of features and lower prices than the bigger name VMSes.

Latitude Classic is sold here for less.
Even milestone sells the basic licenses for less but not as cheap as DVTel.
Wavestore sells for aroud than 100$ and Axxon too.

There ar also GeoVision and W4N but these are not well known.
I'm looking for a midsize system that can take a bite from the bigger ones.

"Even milestone sells the basic licenses for less but not as cheap as DVTel.
Wavestore sells for aroud than 100$ and Axxon too."

It depends on the version and the channel count. For example, yes, Milestone offers basic licenses for ~$50, but they do not include anywhere close to the long list of features you are asking for.

You need to be clear what features you really want. If you only care for basic features and limited camera counts, sure, you can get VMS licenses for $50 but if you want 100+ cameras and all those high-end features, $100 will be hard to get.