Drone 'Peeping Tom' - Flying Video Surveillance Abuse

Recall the guy pointing a surveillance camera at his neighbor's hot tub.

This appears to be the next generation of that.

In Alaska,

"a Peeping Tom drone has them worried that someone is casing the neighborhood.... the drone swooped by her windows and buzzed near the windows of her neighbors' homes."

The article says no suspect has been found yet, so it is not clear what the operator was intending, but people suggest that he might be casing houses to rob them or looking into see people inside.

Both seem to be real risks with the rise of drones.

What do you think?

I prefer #2 steel shot out of my Remington 870 express super mag with a modified choke does the trick. What's nice about hunting drones is you don't need to use a plug :)


T Shot would also be handy...

I like the concept of "drones" and what they can do, however when you cross the line from business/entertainment into the private life of someone else then there is a problem... viewing someones property from an aerial pov is one thing, looking into windows is something entirely different...

You should use lead - Steel shot is really hard on the barrel

In my opinion there isn't much to be done about the rise of drones. By that I mean we have decades of case law in place to deal with peeping toms. Our laws (at least in the US) already apply to the stories that keep coming out. Before drones, it was the guy in the tree with the zoom lens.

These cases might be on the rise as more people with sinister intentions get their hands on drones, but other than applying our current tort law to these cases, we already have the tools in place to deal with these issues. The invasion of privacy isn't a new thing.

Harrison, agree, existing laws definitely apply to this.

On the other hand, I think it's fair to say that drones make it a lot easier. A guy might be nervous or incapable of climbing into a tree with a zoom lens camera. But flying a drone down the block is a lot easier, right?

John, it is also a lot harder to catch the guy driving the drone.