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DPDT Recessed Magnetic Door Contacts

There was a recent dicussion about using DPDT door contacts on doors that have to be wired to both an access control system and a burglar alarm system. I only know of 2 DPDT door contacts:

GE/Interlogix 1076D


Can anyone recommend any other DPDT recessed magnetic door contacts?

I believe that Nascom also makes DPDT recessed magnetic contact switches (such as the model N75G/STDD).

Thanks for the tip Micheal.

One other thought for anyone out there that may be able to answer - Rather than a DPDT contact, if you use a Form C (SPDT) contact, is there any reason that you could not wire the NO contact to one system and the NC contact to the other?

I would definitely not advise that. Depending on how the input circuits of the respective systems are designed, you could create some unwanted circuit paths between the two systems by sharing the common (C) pole of the switch.

GE 1076D, 1" recessed, DPDT,

GRI AA/AC180, multiple options surface and recessed (3/4")

Other options:

GRI 175-12, 1/2" recessed, DPDT

GRI 195-12, 3/4" recessed, DPDT--wide gap option avail, add WG to end.

GRI 4545-12, 3/8" recessed, DPDT --wide gap option avail, add WG to end.

If you go to About George Risk Industries Inc. and search (CRTL+F) for DPDT there are a couple more models.