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Question About The Hybrid Sony Camera Specification

While I was browsing some cameras specifications, the following product's datasheet raised my attention.

When I look at the analog output it says "analog SD output". What is SD output? What is the corresponding "traditional" analog output resolution? Is that 720p HD-SDI output?

I would be glad if someone could clear out these doubts.

Thank you.


Looks like just a standard analog 1v peak to peak video signal.

I do not believe there is any HD-SDI output. It's NTSC/PAL for the analog / coax out and 720p for IP.

Sorry I meant "traditional" analog output resolution

Makes sense but still confusing. I have no idea of what kind of analog resolution I am going to get.

Usually when they have an analog video out they give you TV Lines but I don't see that on the data sheet. That would loosely correspond to the analog "resolution".

Analog resolution specs are typically pointless anyway. It's a Sony camera, I am presuming if they rated it, it would be on par with current 'specmanship' - 600TVL, 700TVL, etc. That said, regardless of the spec, I doubt it will make a visible difference on the image quality.

Does that mean that they process the sensor output and trim it to a lower resolution? Would not it be easier to get the unprocessed signal? This way it might be possible to have an HD-SDI/ IP camera, correct?

I believe they do process the sensor output to get the analog out. See the footnote on the spec sheet:

"Dual streaming is not available when an analog video signal is output from the SLOC port"

I assume they could design a dual HD-SDI / IP camera but a dual analog / IP camera addresses a broader market of the 100,000x more users who have existing analog infrastructure (than have or want HD SDI).

Thanks for the comments John. Yes it does make more sense commercially.

Analog output of Sony Z series Hybrid cameras is 600TVL. In "SLOC" mode, both the IP and Analog output are available from the receiver unit. In "LAN" mode, the IP and Analog output are available directly on the camera when EoC function is no longer needed.