Door Bell With Camera And Monitor?

Generally when anyone rings the door bell we will peep through the door hole to see who the person is? One of my customers requirement is he needs a door bell that comes with a camera and monitor and he wants the monitor to be fixed in the door itself instead of the wall. If possible the monitor must also have the option of speaking with the person who is standing outside?

Can anyone suggest a a door bell that comes with a camera & monitor?

The monitor is the weird part. Maybe sky bell or ring app running on an android/iphone tablet mounted to/in the door and hard wired to power?

Thinking about this why not just aiphone and mount the desk unit in the door?

I'm sure he is speaking of the "Ring" doorbell that has been advertised on TV.

Ring does not include a monitor and uses a smartphone instead.

There are tons of options on Amazon and eBay for items that match your description, like this one. They aren't name branded or look to be high quality, but they otherwise fit your description.

Sounds like he watches too much tv, I would advise him if he's worried about a home invasion that standing in front of the door is not how to stay safe.

Using off non-standard brands that might work can also become a repair nightmare later on. There arent too many options to mount the screen that will not require a flex or armored cable or a multi conductor wired hinge and core drilling the door, most people wont want to see that in a home. An aiphone sounds like your best bet.

We use Comelit and have good success with them, it's more of a video intercom than a door bell, but they work well.