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Dog Attack On Boy Caught On Camera. (Saved By Cat???)

Video footage of what looks like from security cameras, because they come from different angles, captures a dog attack on a small boy who was minding his own business.

What's really amazing is the family cat comes to the resuce and fights off the dog!

This brings to mind numerous news stories over the years about someone's dog attacking a kid or group of kids. Occasionlly the owner tries to claim "they must have provoked the dog in some way" and speculation after the fact runs rampant. Video of course reduces speculation.

Neat video!

Certainly helps with proving the 'guilt' of the dog.

Yes, 'guilt' of the dog, but by that I think you imply (though correct me if I'm wrong), the dog is not the only guilty party, with blame also shared by the owner for not controlling their dog, which I would agree with. I'm sure the ambulance chasers have already been contacting the kid's family for the opportunity to represent them, and the owner is going to become a pariah in the community.

All because of an incident cause on surveillance video and posted on the Internet.

All because of an incident cause on surveillance video and posted on the Internet.

I don't think we should give all the credit to the footage, since the owner would have certainly been at least a 'local pariah' no matter what, right? And at least he, nor the dog is identified on that clip , so he may be actually denied his 15 minutes in the end.

Also, from my vantage at least, there is no shortage of 'ambulance chasers' these days, real or virtual, so I'm sure in either case there would be a decent number of reputable barristers responding, if not, the original 'slammer might have a 'chaser that he gets a kickback from 'works with'.

That cat is fearless.

Attack cat to the rescue. Wow just rammed the dog!.

What's really amazing is the family cat comes to the resuce...

What's really amazing to me is the quality of the multi-view surveillence video. Maybe the best I have seen of an actual incident. Look at the well chosen FOV's and camera angles*! And the gentle compression setting with gorgeous Panatone rivaling colorspace! And what about the cinema-quality frame rate? Any guesses, 20 FPS? More?

Anyway the cat was awesome and would have saved the day, but the Mom was quick to react as well, and so deserves some credit, but without the unsung 'slammer we would never have known...

*Though I feel there is a tad more fence than need be in the one shot... Yes, I'm aware that the scence is lit with more than 4 billion California style lux, and may suck at night....

My schmuck neighbor has dogs that occasionally freak out and come up to our fence and bark their heads off at my kids, or the other neighbors' kids. Then the guy screams at the kids for provoking his dogs. Surveillance won't help because of the thick trees and bushes on his side of the fence, which means you can't see anything.

Luckily, the kids are now too terrorized to go out when the dogs are out, so, you know... self correcting problem.

Nearly as amazing, but not worthy of its own discussion, is this brazillian surveillance shocker:

Note how this video, unlike the cinematic marvel at the top, has plenty of that real cctv feel, with its harshly contrasted and heavily artifacted picture, its 'untrue to life' color space, and its barely adequate framerate which leaves you hungry for more... Real vintage stuff here!