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Does Axis Sell A Plate To Attach M3025 And M5014 To A 4" Octagon Box?

As the subject says.. I have to go by fire rating code for these cameras and they need to be installed in a Octagon box in the ceiling.

I ask here frist because calling AXIS Tech support makes me wanna find a new job..


A 4" octogonal box? Try the Axis T94F01M.

I'm not trying to pour gas on the fire here, but can't you just take a blank lid and fasten the camera to it?

Blank --> Axis Mounting Plate --> Camera

I assumed, by the way OP phrased his question, that the AHJ is giving him a hard time about it. Maybe the AHJ owns stock in Home Depot.

The M3025 should have that as an accessory; I would be shocked if the M5014 would, its form factor doesnt lend itself to that type of mounting.

I ask here first because calling AXIS Tech support makes me wanna find a new job..

*golf clap* those types of comments always gets me a phone call from their Director of Tech Support. Bravo.

We are trying to insure that we don't have issues before we start. We are mostly working with M series Dome cameras. I saw a J Box or Gang box plate but does not look exactly what I am looking for. Best to keep AHJ happy.. :)

Yeah the M series backplate might only work with 4"x4" square boxes... so yeah... you might have to change jobs.

I am hoping we can just run the pig tail though the box and mount the camera directly to the dry wall. It will be up the powers above.

Thanks for the quick replies. Makes my day easier with IPVM.

You don't even have to do that. They make a nice looking dome housing, the T96A05-V. It even has a conduit port.

That is another option I have the M5014 with that housing.

I did some more digging found this.. Fixes 1 of my problems.


AXIS T94F01M J-Box/Gang Box Plate and Network Cable Coupler Indoor

For indoor or outdoor use. Plate dimensions: diameter 164 mm (6.5”), height 6 mm (0.3”). Plate fits directly to:
- Single-gang box
- Double-gang box
- 4" Square junction box
- 4" Octagon junction box
(Coupler must be placed in waterproof area)
Network cable coupler indoor included.