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Does Anyone Have Experience With Alltronix Ebridge1pcrt?

I have a situation where I need to put two IP cameras over existing coax. Every other soultion I found costs about $400 per camera. A eBridge1PCRT kit is only $200.

Has anyone had any expereience with them? In one sellers website it says it can put 1080p. Can it do more?

Thank you

David, There's been a number of discussions where members mentioned experiences with the eBridge. Main issue / complaint is limited bandwidth.

The eBridge1PCRT specs "Throughput is rated to pass 25mbps of data at distances up to 457m." People have said actual throughput can be less, in the order of 10mbps or so.

As for 1080p, most 1080p streams are under 10Mb/s but not always (e.g., if it was full frame rate, high complexity scene / low light, etc.).

I have used it. I would like to begin by saying that I use Altronix producst all the time, have faith in them, etc. This particular product, no thanks; and I have told Altronix that. It was a dissapointment. Cut the specs in half and you are good to go.

So 12Mb/s rating is more accurate in your experience, Mark?

No, actually I would say that the Mb/s is pretty accurate. The transmission distance was not even close to what is published. In my discussions with them at ASIS, they first acted shocked, then said they had made some improvements over the original product, so perhaps you will get what you are looking for. I just know we tested it here and it never worked. Not even once. Clean cable, etc, right here in the shop. Forget taking it out to a jobsite.

Altronix has released 100 Mbps versions of eBridge for high megapixel applications. When used with the proper coax cable, this product works flawlessly, both the 25 Mbps and 100 Mbps versions. A 1080p camera, at 30 fps, should be streaming about 6-8 Mbps.