Does Anyone Have An Inexpensive Architect That They Use For Basic Drawings?

Does anyone have an inexpensive architect that they use for basic drawings?

We are putting a maglock in a school and the inspector wants an architect for the following:

The magnetic locks are a bigger issue. You need to get an architect involved for this work. Magnetic lock systems are considered "Access-controlled egress doors" by the 2009 International Building Code - NJ Edition. Access-controlled egress doors need to comply with Section 1008.1.4.4, items 1-6, of the 2009 IBC-NJ Edition. An architect or engineer needs to provide a floor plan showing the proposed locations of the magnetic-locks, and specify all the requirements outlined in the IBC.

The school sent us to an architect that they know and he gave a price of $1500 - $2000. That feels a bit high for me.


1) If they are requiring an Engineer or Architect to stamp these drawings, that is uncommon. I'd ask if a draftsman is okay to develop and furnish these drawings and have the AHJ sign off on them. (This route is much cheaper, maybe $250 vs. $2000)

For NJ, it is:

Plan Review Construction Project Review
Phone: (609) 633-7448
Fire Marshal Division of Fire Safety
Phone: (609) 633-6106

For the drawings, call up the local trade school or vo-tech and ask the CAD department if you can hire their best student for a few hours. You might need to buy a CAD program and workstation, but the school will likely have ideas for a small business extension office that can help out for cheap.

But you should consider adding these skills to your company anyway. It is common for an integrator or installer to be required to furnish these things.

2) In terms of maglocks, do you even need to use them? Can you sidestep the whole issue by using other lock types?