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Does A Relabeler Of Certified ONVIF Cameras Have To Recertify?

If only changing the label...

Yes, we covered this previously and ONVIF chimed in with official confirmation.

Of course, since the whole point of relabelling is to make them look real, no relabeler in their right mind is going to publicly use the protest, "No we shouldn't have to recertify since we are just putting our logo on it".

In that case may I suggest mega-relabeler q-see, as a possible infringer:

Q-SeeĀ® Official Site - Home Security Camera Systems | Wireless Security Cameras

although curiously searching on their site for ONVIF returns no results, google sees it differently.

Since at least a large portion of Q-See and Swann cameras are apparently Dahua and Hikvision relabeled, why do you suppose they wouldn't pay the nominal membership fee and quickly self-certify those products?

For their sales volume, it would be a drop in the bucket. Could they actually NOT want to advertise their compliance, so you feel locked in?

That would be a new twist:

Manufacturer: "We are totally committed to being a proprietary system!".

Consumer: "You're just saying that..."

Because they are likely facing very little buyer push back on this. How many Costco customers are like "Wait a minute, this is not listed on the ONVIF official conformance list?"

Ok, I'll go with that cause I can't think of a better reason. Though I can't say that it's much of a reason either.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the process, but assuming that you have a camera that has passed the test already, wouldn't you need only to hook it up to the test program and then print out a cert? You could do all your cameras before lunchtime, no?

Besides hard inventory in big box stores they also sell online; a lot of people who buy online are no doubt searching for ONVIF, why not show up in the results?

Btw, the q-see link seems like an anomaly...

Each manufacturer still needs to pay $2,000 a year and unless they want the original manufacturer to forge the test results, they need to setup the tests themselves which is a pain in the ass.