Do You Use Video Instruction For Training/Reference?

I have found wonderful success in the use of short instructional videos designed for an audience of Integrators or End Users. Importantly, I have found that I can limit support calls if they are of an appropriate quality resulting a clear ROI for the time invested. They make a wonderful and interactive tool that can be referenced long into the future and convey information in a way that cannot easily be matched (other than in person).

Typically these are short videos that may last no longer than 10 minutes max (usually more like 3 - 5 minutes) and posted in a restricted access location. YouTube has generalized content but much of this is of varying quality. Some manufacturers are starting to produce video training materials but these don't 'put all the pieces' together. So that made me curious:

Do you use video in this manner?

Do manufacturers you purchase from produce instructional videos you find useful?

If you do use video like this, do you feel it cuts down on repetitive or unnecessary support calls?

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