Do You Use IFTTT?

As we've been doing testing of cloud, residential, and smart home video and intrusion, we're seeing more of these platforms include IFTTT support. I'm just curious how many IPVMers are using IFTTT and for what. I do personally. Curious if anyone has used it in production systems for anything.

For those unfamiliar, IFTTT is a service which allows users to connect an input to an output. There's a large list of integrations, to social media, smart home, cloud video, intrusion detection, climate controls, email, text, etc. So activity on a Scout motion detector can turn on lights via Philips Hue for example.

I've used it, but found it to be unreliable and fairly limited. I love the concept, but I think it needs a LOT more flexibility (and reliability) to really become something that is more than just a fun toy.

I am guessing '3rd party integration frameworks' will be the future of security integration in general.

I mess around with IFTTT and think it is fun, but it is the prospect of what it could be that is exciting to think about.

See, I've found it to be very reliable. I use it connect Automatic, SmartThings, Quirky/Wink, and other platforms that don't work together natively. IFTTT has been more reliable in triggering than the platforms themselves.

The Maker Channel is interesting if you want to get super nerdy and directly do API calls, too. Note that I have not reached that level of nerd...yet.

Finally gave up on Groovy?

For those who don't know. It stands for "If this, then that"

I use it for a variety of other purposes but not for security stuff.

I use to create Geofence to turn on front lights
when my car about 500 m from home