Do You Use Fuel Cards For Service Vehicles?

For those who manage or use sales or service vehicles: Do you use a fuel card program?

Common examples include:

I understand that some of the programs negotiate 'per gallon' prices for an entire fleet of vehicles so fuel becomes a fixed price per gallon regardless of where/ which station they are fueled.  Sometimes these cards also have discounted maintenance fees for oil changes, brakes, etc.

These systems also may make accounting easier, by tracking vehicle fuel costs in one platform rather than handling multiple receipts and slips from each driver.

Do you use gas cards?  Are they a benefit for your fleets?


No. We just use debit cards. But we are small


Its been a while but i remember trying to link gps devices with gas cards and there were some issues. Maybe others can elaborate.

We use a regional supplier that offers gas cards that can be used at any gas station. We use this service per truck not per driver. I have a small fleet (23 vehicles)This does exactly as Brian has described, give us one platform to track mileage and consumption. And one new feature that has evolved is the notification if one vehicle gets out of kilter with mileage (as in stealing gas for the wife's car) the company notifies our office quickly. We appreciate the MPG calculations also.

We have a charge account at our local co-op and just do it that way.  They have locations in other areas we serve so it works out well for us.  At the end of the year we receive a dividend check so that is a bonus as well.

I spoke with the owner of a local service company (not security), he told me the biggest benefit of his program was being able to float the balance of his fuel expenses until his projects were invoiced. 30-60-90 days can be negotiated.

He told me the rates for fuel card programs are typically more favorable than regular credit cards.

Never knew or was privy to that, but I'm not involved in the accounting at our place. We have about 10 service vehicles and we use fleet cards.

I hope this isn't a stupid question. Could you double the use of the ComData Fuel card and use it to swipe into doors on your access control system? 

You can, but there is a 5 cent service fee per swipe. 

We use QuickTrip for our fuel cards. Great when you are in town, which is most of the time, but if you travel outside of a QT area then a pain.