Do You Use Cisco RV Small Business Routers? Vulnerability Reported.

Looks like Cisco's RV110W, RV130W and RV215W routers have a reported vulnerability. It seems that it's primarily an issue if you have the remote admin interface enabled, which I think most people do not by default.

Does anyone use these routers? On a similar topic, what is your preferred router for connecting security systems?

Good heads up, Brian. These types of routers are popular for light uses. We rarely provide routers with our systems, but sometimes we do when it is a small remote location. We haven't used these, though, but could have easily since when it does come up, we don't have a standard that we use.

Does anyone use these routers?

I did, (the 110W), because of the dual WAN action. It was unbelievably slow to configure and fortunately died an early death, though it was resurrected as a 4-port switch after a soldering-iron lobotomy.

Jeez, a four port FE switch is surely cheaper than the cost of a brain surgeon??