Do You Use Camera Tampering Alarms?

It seems like camera tampering alarms like video loss or FOV change have become available in most IP cameras these days, even low end models. But, I don't know of many people actually using them, so I'm curious: who's actually using camera tamper features? What issues have you had with them if you do?

Come on, you five people who voted, give us some explanations.

Well, the predominance of one side in the poll speaks for itself.

We do, but not in a way you might expect. We use them as a troubleshooting and analysis tool for technicians. Our system reports even momentary video loss and we use the alarms to chase down bad connections, intermittent power problems and cable damage caused by others.

This is with our current all-analog system. As we deploy IP cameras, we will also likely use signal loss as part of our camera evaluations, watching for dropped network connections and the like.

I submitted an "almost never" but expanding my mind a bit based on what Carl said I guess we would be an "Always". We're all IP and have alerts setup to notify us of the slightest loss in connectivity. The system is extremely sensitive and we too use it more as a diag than a tamper, but it fits tamper situations too. In fact it's so sensitive and very quick to alert we use it as another tool in our already massive network monitoring toolbox to alert us to some more subtle things that can go on.