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Do You See Red With Mobotix Cameras?

We recently installed two models of Mobotix cameras, the S14D and the Q24. Lots of nice features and great definition, BUT...

A shiny red car in the outdoor view of the S14D looks orange. A shiny red box in an internal scene viewed on the Q24 has the same problem.

We tried using a different PC, monitor and graphics card, but still the same, shiny red looks orange. We noticed that matt red is more or less ok, shiny red is the problem.

Adjustment of the camera setting in the browser, going into the set-up menu and colour settings, helped bring the shiny red closer to red on the monitor, but, orange itself then appeared yellow!

Anyone else run into this or come up with a solution?

In our color fidelity test, a number of cameras had problems with bright colors - red, oranges, yellows, so that is not terribly surprising. Perhaps Ethan or Figen has suggestions on specific things to do? Of course, on an issue like this, getting feedback from the manufacturer is important to at least rule out any obvious issues.