Do Any VMS Manufacturers Offer Charity Pricing?

I am putting together a quote for a registered charity. There are quite a few software companies who do academic or charity licensing, such as Microsoft or VMWare. You can see a lot of discount software options for charities and schools at However there is no VMS software on there and I don't see anyone offering a charity rate on their website.

Does anyone know of a VMS maker that offers charity pricing?

Well Avigilon used to run this contest, but I think they know better now.

1, I have not seen any charity rates listed on websites or companies talk about that.

However, it is pretty common that VMSes will provide discounts or free software for charities especially if the charity is willing to be in a case study. As such, I would recommend asking the VMS that you are interested in about them doing it for you. I bet you will get at least one who will do something.

Any VMSes with standard programs, please feel free to share.

Supporting Non Profits and Charities is important when you have a limited choice like a business operating system and applications from Microsoft. OpenOffice, and the alternatives simply don't register on the scale.

However, with this industry your choices and prices vary greatly from some very functional FREE video recording systems that run on off the shelf storage appliances, The Linux OS, and free windows software bundled with low cost cameras, and of course you have the top tier VMS systems and everything in between. This paradigm all but destroys the notion of an MSRP.

Share the budget and requirements with some integrators and let them decide if they can work within that to get you what you need. They can request special pricing, or call in some favors to help the cause.

The only product I've heard of that comes close to something like this is Video Insight with their education institution discounts. Maybe charity might fit in that, too.