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Wide FoV Camera Coverage Distributed In Building - Suggestions?

I have a client whose requirement is to distribute HD video signal from an IP camera with the widest field of view. The camera is to be mounted on the roof of a six story complex that will view the village below, harbor, and skyline. The signal is to be distributed to a large monitor in the lobby, a modem provided by the cable vendor to broadcast the view on a dedicated channel, and live stream to their company website. They would also like to have the local weather displayed in the picture.

Are you looking for recommendations on camera selection or networking / distribution equipment or?

I am looking for recommendations on both camera selection and networking / distribution equipment.

Knowing absoutely nothing about your application other than what's written here, I'd say Axis P1355, Theia Technologies SL183, and Dotworkz S-Type enclosure.

Thanks for your recomendations Ari. I have a jobsite meeting tomorrow afternoon with the client and should have more information.

The Axis / Theia combination is kind of a Cadillac option.

There's quite a number of 1080p wide angle domes that are far less expensive, though image quality, especially at night, may suffer (depending on lighting situation).

Yes, it is a Cadillac option. The reason I recommended this combo was because for this kind of application, image quality is priority one, and angle of view is priority two. Price is usually a pretty low deciding factor, if it even shows up at all. The end user is trying to sell themselves based (at least partly) on their million-dollar views, and saving a few hundred dollars simply isn't worth sacrificing image quality. In a surveillance application, the traditional value calculation is based on ability to reduce loss due to crime or falsified personal injury lawsuits. In an application like this, the value calculation is image quality, including sharpness, definition, all weather performance, dynamic lighting performance, and color accuracy. There simply isn't a camera out there that even approaches the P1355 for all these characteristics, although the Sony SNC-CH240 probably comes closest. As for the lens, most of the customers we've sold these types of setups to have hated the distortion a surveillance style lens gives you, making the Theia rectilinear effect worth its weight in gold.

I thought you were going to criticize my choice of a Dotworkz housing even though the P1355 comes in a weather resistant option, and I was prepared to defend myself by saying that I didn't know if the harbor OP was referring to was salt water or fresh, and in my experience Dotworkz does better than any other housing dealing with salt air.

I mainly wanted to give context in case OP or others did not have a sense of where that solution sat in the scale of offerings.

I do not have a strong opinion for or against this.

Cool, thanks.

I should have stated that this is very high end. I have a meeting tomorrow and should have more information at that point.