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DMP Owners Forum & 96 Access Control Doors

The President and CEO of DMP announced on Tuesday that they were going to be releasing a panel that would have the ability to control up to 96 doors.

We have been using their XR350 panels for about a year now and have been happy with the virtual keypad for the user interface. They do not offer many of the advanced features that other access control companies offer, but I am curious what everyone else thinks of using a panel for intrusion, fire and access for this many doors.

DMP offers wifi door controllers, network door controllers and controllers that wire into their keypad bus.

I would question its marketing value. An access control system of that number of total doors would likely have needs for more enterprise features. Also, I wouldn't expect them all to be geographicly dense enough to be connected to the same panel anyway.

Another thing to think about is points-of-failure. Most controllers I am aware of these days support 64 to 96 readers anyway, but in real-life the number of doors per controller in an enterprise setup averages 8 to 12, I think. So I would be curious what the target market is for this board. It seems it is:

  • Customers who need Intrusion/Fire integration.
  • Have 96 doors in one site, yet
  • Have no need for any advanced access features, and
  • Don't mind connecting all of them to the same point of failure.

Seems kind of narrow market segment to me, but perhaps it signals a change in direction for DMP and that they are pushing their access biz more? I would be interested to see where this goes.

We've been selling an intrusion/access/fire monitoring panel for the last 10+ years that does 128 doors per panel and there are thousands installed. The issue that DMP will face in trying to sell their system with this number of doors is not the actual number of doors but the advanced features that are requied and demanded by the "100-door" sites.

If they sell their system with that many doors, the end-users will have advanced requirements on how access levels are managed, they will require video integration, LDAP integration, redundancy, mustering, high level elevator intetration, time and attendance, guard tours, wireless lock integration, etc...

if these advanced features are not available, then the DMP system will mostly be sold in the 2-30 door range (smaller to medium-sized commercial jobs). If they offer these advanced features, I don't see why they wouldn't be successful in the larger jobs.

Alarm and access integration/unification is a good thing and offers significant feature advantage over pure access control.