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Digital Watchdog SD Card Backup

I am about to install some Digital Watchdog DWC-MV421D cameras with their Spectrum Blade NVR. The cameras are advertised has Having "Local SDHC Card Remote Back-Up". I have bench tested the system and inserted Class 10 8GB cards into each of the cameras and formatted and configured them for motion recording via the camera's web browser. I spoke with Digital Watchdog's technical support people and was told that in the event of a network outage that the video images would be backed up onto the cards but the data that is captured is NOT sent to the NVR once the network connection is re-established. I was told that you would have to physically remove the SD card from the cameras and put it into a computer for viewing. I thought that the intention SD (Edge) recording was to buffer the data and then send it to the NVR once the network connection comes back up?

Does anyone have any experience with Digital Watchdog's products who could help me out here? Thanks

(I am not in any way trying to discredit the DWD technical support staff. They were all quite pleasant eager to assist.)

The initial intent of SD cards from the point of view of most manufacturers was to have a backup location for recording video if the NVR went offline, or just to have somewhere to store images if there was no NVR. Having the camera either load video from the card to the NVR when the NVR came up again, or having video transparently available in the NVR's software interface on playback is a more involved development and is only a recent offering in some systems.

I confirmed with DW too that they cannot yet have video on the SD card transfer or transparently available for playback in their new DW Spectrum (NetworkOptix) software, but it's in devlopment and in the industry will probably be more the norm soon enough, at least for any VMS or NVR system that wants to keep up with innovation.

I forgot to mention I got to inquire about this because we recently installed some DW cameras for testing along with their Spectrum software.

Thanks for your assistance Luis.

Luis, thanks! +!

A few manufacturers, like Bosch, provide the abiliity to rebuild lost video back onto NVR from SD Card. Most manufacturers SD card interface record in AVI files which can be viewed/downloaded through the cameras browser interface over LAN/WAN. It is pretty impractical to have to physically retrieve the SD card to recover lost video.

Genetec and Milestone also support this type of "trickling" with Axis and some other cameras.