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Digital-Watchdog Pano Camera On ACTi Enterprise Server (NVR)

I have a customer with an ACTi enterprise level NVR who wants a pano camera on one of his buildings. He is curious if there is something other than the ACTi pano available and compatible with his system. Does anyone have any experience using DW Pano cameras on an ACTi NVR? I know the DW Pano (P/N: DWC-PZV2M72T) is a 48MP camera and will not work on any DW Servers that are not enterprise level with serious throughput. Suggestions? Experiences? I have never sold ACTi product, only Pelco/Honeywell/DW. Below is an image from his servers about screen...not sure if that is helpful...



John Huntley

John, the image did not come through. Can you send to me at and I'll post for you?

That panoramic camera will work fine with DW Spectrum, however you may want to check to make sure your hardware is up to the task of such high bandwidth. Especially for playback, you will need dedicated graphics. I have tried their sample videos and found that my work laptop is insufficient to playback the 48MP files.