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5MP Camera For $175 - Dhgate?

Here's a 5MP camera found for only $175 (including shipping).

Is this real??

Well, there are 10MP cameras being offered for $200, so...

I don't know who DHGate is but they look like Alibaba, off shore electronics marketplace, etc.

I am sure it's real. How well it works, I don't know. Ethan just tested a $55 ONVIF camera he got from Amazon. It was a disaster.

DHGate is indeed an online marketplace. My wife bought 50 pairs of stainless scissors from the site. She needed them two weeks from her order date. Three months later, she still hasn't received them. The seller has given three different phone numbers, because the keep being disconnected. I do not think much of a 'business presence' is needed to list items for sale there.

In the interest of staying married, I haven't busted her chops too hard about it, but I would say that just about everything listed on that site is shipped via the proverbial 'slow boat'.

Sad to Say this is hikvision rebranded , close to the same cost .

Hi Cristopher,

Must be an obsolete camera since I could not locate the same camera on the HikVision website.

DS-2CD7233F-E(I)Z(H)(S), DS-2CD7253F-E(I)Z(H)(S),

DS-CD7254F-E(I)Z(H)(S), DS-CD7254FWD- E(I)Z(H)(S),

DS-2CD7255F- E(I)Z(H)(S), DS-2CD7283F-E(I)Z(H)(S),

DS-2CD7293PFWD(NFWD)- E(I)Z(H)(S),

DS-2CD7263NF(PF)- E(I)Z(H)(S), DS-2CD 7264FWD- E(I)Z(H)(S),

DS-2CD7293PF(NF)- E(I)Z(H)(S)

Dome camera III DS-2CD2312-I5, DS-2CD2332-I5

Dome camera IV DS-2CD2112-(I), DS-2CD2132-(I)

Dome Camera V DS-2CD7353F-E(I)(S), DS-2CD7393(PF)(NF)(WD)-E(I)(S)

Dome Camera VI DS-2CD2712F-I(S); DS-2CD2732F-I(S

This is the cut sheet for the modles Im talking about

Looks like rebranding