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Dedicated Micros Support For 3rd Party Cameras?

Crazy as it seems a customer is interested in using a Dedicated Micros NVR.  We hope ot get them to change their minds.  Does anybody know if other 3rd party cameras work with Dedicated Micros NVR's?  I checked the website and based on finding no mention of 3rd party support I'm assuming no.  As always I look forward to feedback and if anybody has used Dedicated micros in last couple of years?


Btw, if you have not shared this post - Dedicated Micros Collapses, CEO Says Shut Up, Debates IPVM that might help your customer see some of the issues with Dedicated Micros.

Do you know which NVR? From looking at their SD Advanced NVR data sheet, the multiple references to closed and only listing of their own cameras indicates no 3rd party support.

The specs for camera support is a little dated. No H.264 or H.265 support.

I believe the RJ-45 jack is standard and fully compatible.  

After that, it's anybody's guess :)

Former DM Rep here,

In my experience they will support SOME MJPEG and MPEG4 RTSP streams, but it kills your bandwidth and storage.  In the past, they did mention AXIS, Panasonic, and JVC cameras were supported, but no H.264/5.  If I can find the supported devices list in an old email, I will send to IPVM Team.  My advice, run...

I found the email and sent to Mr. Honovich.  

#4 sent it to me and I reviewed and it was consistent with what he said. I would emphasize that the email was from 2014 so things could have changed in the past 3 years. That said, given DM's significant business problems and stubbornness on 3rd party support, I would not bet on it.

RTSP is your only hope.

No onvif?  Big fail

Found this in an old manual:

I think DM deserves the Number 1 all time award for falling from grace, worse than Pelco. I'm sure everyone here is curious find out what got them sold on DM. Is this in the US?

In the US and its because other sites have it and they dont want to learn a new system.  I explained it like buying a brand new car but the car was made in 2010 and cost more than a comparable new model year car.

Not a bad analogy. You're in a rough spot. We added some Axis cameras a couple times to DM a long time ago, I'm talking VGA models, and it had to be HTTP MJPG if I remember correctly.

Maybe tell them it's like buying an old flip phone with a brand specific OS for the same money as a iOS or Android smartphone.

Or maybe buying a car without airbags and ABS in the age of those that have them.

Or buying a mortgage backed derivative.