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Decoder For Converting H264/ONVIF To NTSC Analog Video

Any recommendations for a Decoder for converting H264/ONVIF to NTSC Analog video

There are a few out there. Axis makes one, as does Vivotek.

Not sure if they actually support ONVIF. Does anyone know?

There is the NLSS decoder which definitely supports ONVIF but it might be overkill and too pricey ($1,000) for your needs (it does up 16 cameras, HD, etc.)

Thanls a lot for the responses. We found a low cost Grandstream GXV3500 1 port decoder that is ONVIF conformant. Will try it out tomorrow and provide feedback.

btw, we got feedback from a customer they were not sucessful with the Axis decoder.

Rajan, good idea about the Grandstream GXV3500. I didn't realize they made a decoder. It evidently functions as an encoder and decoder plus is quite inexpensive. Let us know how it goes.

Hi Rajan - I'm interested to know how you got on with that Grandstream GXV3500 decoder. Did it work, and if so at what resolutions? Thanks!