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Hikvision DS-9664NI-RH Embedded NVR?

Dear Member,

I am about to use the DS-9664NI-RH NVR for one of our projects with 90 numbers of 2MP HIKVISION Dome cameras . I would like to get a feedback on this NVR, like resolution for playback/Record, errors in hard disk if any, what is the optimum number of cameras that can be connected to this NVR (although mfr says 64 cameras).

M.R.Krishnan, INDIA

Checking the NVR's technical manual, it input bandwidth max as 160 Mb/s. That's not that high, especially if you are using (90) 2MP cameras.

What's your frame rate for these cameras? Do you have a sense of the bitrate the average camera will consume?

sorry for the delay in reply. We need a frame rate of 20-25fps per camera and also a bit rate of 6.

As John states, the unit has a bandwidth cap which is total for all cameras. You also need to consider the storage requirements for that many cameras on a RAID unit .

nit which will reduce the total storage available. At 2MP/25fps, that will be consumed quickly. I believe you will need additional units but I suggest you contact the local office for detailed support

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Thanks Bob for the feedback.

If you are using 6Mb/s per camera with 90 cameras, you will need 540Mb/s total throughput. That's more than 3x the stated throughput of this unit.

As Bob says, check with the manufacturer, both for information and so you have a defensible position if it doesn't work ;)

The unit is designed for up to 64 cameras with an average bandwidth of 2.5Mb/s per camera. The bandwdith allocation is flexible per channel.

A minimum of 2 units was always required for 90 cameras - if 6 Mb/s is really required (seems a bit high to me), then 3 or 4 units will be needed. Again, best to contact the lcoal office.

Thank you all for the support