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Dear Hikvision, Why Can't I Disable Autofocus On The ECI-D64Z2?

So I'm not new to Hikvision or cameras, I live and breath this stuff. I've used their cameras a lot, but every so often you have a buddy who asks "dude, I need something decent for my house, garage, whatever, and after some digging, and a review of the specifications you discover the Hikvision ECI-D64Z2ECI-D64Z2, a 4MP, remote focus/remote zoom, varifocal, WDR, true day/night with IR for ~$200.00 each, they "appear" to be a great deal... emphasis on appear.

Fast forward two weeks past the initial install, which went like any other install, smooth, easy to aim and focus, and despite Hikvisions lack luster NVR, appear to be recording just fine except for two cameras that like to go out of focus. So since I have experienced this before, my instinct says to fire up the laptop computer and plug into that cameras web interface and disable the autofocus feature under the image tab, like every other remote focus Hikvision camera every made except low and behold its missing, despite searching the cameras built in help file telling you its supposed to be right there like you thought. So you try it in every browser you have on your computer like IE, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Opera in IE mode, and you determine it truly is missing. Of course the location has zero cell service, or internet because its in the middle of nowhere and you only took the job because its your buddy and he promised to pay you in a whole two cases of delicious Busch Light Beer, so you jump in your truck, drive to the top of the hill and determine you are indeed on the latest and greatest firmware version, and you are now looking at a problem that is beyond yourself. But have no fear tech support is only a quick hour hold time away, so you drive back to the site, to grab a couple screen shots of the configuration page and details of exactly what you are running and few cold Busch Lattes, and you park back on that hill and initiate some soothing Hikvision hold music while you try to enjoy the nectar of the gods anxiously waiting for over an hour to be told "nope those cameras don't have the ability to disable autofocus, they are our "Value Express" line."

So I'm sitting here frustrated that a manufacturer would spend the time to include a motorized varifocal lenses, but remove the ability to disable autofocus, now every damn bug and weird reflection is causing these cameras to be blurry. I can get them to go out of focus by turning the lights off and walking out the door. I even asked the tech support guy if I could export a configuration of the camera, modify the file and upload it to achieve the desired results and he claimed that would not work.

Has anyone else experienced this issue, or have any clever work arounds? Also if you are from Hikvision I have one question for you... Why would you not allow us to disable the autofocus, if its supposed to be a cheap camera, why would you even have an autofocus at all, make us manually do it so it doesn't change. I eagerly await your updated firmware where you fix a major flaw of these cameras.

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