DARYL Coming To ISC East 2015!

Give it up to the ISC organizations, they know their target market.

NY folk hero, 4 time world series champion and 3 times suspended substance abuser Daryl Strawbery will be speaking at ISC East. About what and how related to security, no idea.

Here's a video of his highlights:

So who's going to ISC East? Benefiting from the weak ASIS Anaheim showing?

I was a huge fan of this guy and Dwight Gooden back in the 80's. I'll also forever hate the Yankees.

One OKC to LAG ticket coming up....

If they get Rickey Henderson next year, I am going to ISC East 2017!

Ethan already won, so don't try...

"It's shaping up to be even better than last year".

If the bar were set any lower you'd have to dig a hole.

I'll see you at your booth...

All of our employees are trained to recognize you, even in various disguises. It's part of the standard onboarding process.

I recognized Derek last year. He did not have an IPVM lanyard for me. We took a selfie anyway.

Are industry relevant public speakers that expensive to acquire? I do not understand how this keeps happening, comical though it is.

Strawberry's speaker fee is only ~$10,000 which probably makes it worth it. Even joe industry 'expert' would likely charge $5,000 (or more) so it's probably a good investment to pay Strawberry to get NYers to come.

The logical is likely: There are security people who may be on the fringe of coming, people in the area have good memories (he was a Met and a Yankee), it will get some over the top to attend.

It's a tradeshow, so adjust your standards :)

Strawberry's speaker fee is only ~$10,000 which probably makes it worth it.

Plus I heard he accepts payment as FanDuel credits.