Dahua IPC-HDBW2320R-ZS On Milestone Express

I am trying to add this hardware to Milestone Express and cannot. Has anyone else experienced the same? How did you resolve it? I am running 2016 R2 with Device Pack version 2.2.2 (latest). Running Wireshark shows the request from Milestone to the camera and no authorization return from the camera.

Many Thanks!

I'm not seeing that model on Milestone's compatibility list. I would think it would still most likely work as an ONVIF device, but technically it's not specifically been tested and approved.

No, it's not on their list. I also would've thought it could be added as an ONVIF compliant device. I've placed a call with our supplier of the cameras who has indicated that they will contact Dahua for a possible resolution and has suggested that I contact Milestone and request that they integrate this model. I'll keep you updated on that.

Any other ideas?