Dahua Anti-Vibration Test Video

It's not common for manufacturers to share video of their internal testing, but here is a new one from Dahua:

Wow. I guess they finally got an English speaking employee, or at least voice over....

It is common for manufacturers to contract this type of testing to an independent lab that owns and runs the specialized equipment.

For example, googling up 'IEC60068 test lab' (the same spec as the one Dahua's video shows) turns up more than a dozen labs around the world selling their services.

However, Dahua's video looks like this test is done with their own equipment/adapted from vibration tables used in packaging, which is fairly impressive.

Not to say using a 3rd party lab isn't also impressive, but Dahua apparently tasks engineers and tech people to do this internally, and presumably product designs can be modified or improved based on those results. Not every 'manufacturer' can or is willing to do this.

It is in their own lab. I saw that setup, but wasn't allowed to take photos when I met with them. They have several other setups as well, for IP rating, IK testing, temperature, humidity, etc.

It looks like the room they use to force Hikvision spies to come clean...