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Dahua Announces 12MP Fisheye With IR...

Can I nominate this model for the "What to test next" list, or is it too late? Would love to see the head to head with the Samsung 8010, which looks pretty nice too, but lacks IR.

We are looking at testing the Panasonic 9MP panoramic (actually 12MP cropped down to a square ratio) soon. Similar, but also lacking IR. Overall, though, interest in panoramic is pretty low, so we are hesitant to plan too many tests.

Do you think that is due to performance of fisheye cameras to date? Or is it because of such a small offering on the market? Or is it due to limited VMS support?

Ethan. I would agree that there is little interest; but I think as the technology gets better, panoramic camera demand will go up significantly. I have MANY locations where pano cameras would be a perfect fit (corrdior intersections, gyms, parking lots, etc etc); but there often seems to be issues with them. Anytime I see a new 360 or 180 camera on the market, the first thing I look for is the term "situational awarness" (or similar words), which to me means low resolution, poor response in low light and low frame rates. I want 1 camera to replace 2-4 cameras, but personally, I am very reluctant to take the risk that my client will be unhappy with the image quality or the complexity of these cameras. Cost is not the total issue, because if it works well enough and it's used in the right locations, there should be advantages to this technology that could easily offset the cost.

I would be interested in what integrators have to say about their large scale successful deployments of these cameras (in something other than trains or subway cars).

Love to see it, but no one returns phone calls over there.

You do know of the time zone differential, right? Lol

I have found that messenger is the best way to get in touch with Chinese sources. If I need something from China, I stay up later and hit skype around 10 EDT

We have a customer who would benefit from panoramic cameras in a number of instances, but mainly because of the cost, we haven't had occasion to test one on a site yet. Low light is a definite concern on their sites as well, and they've standardized on the Axis P3384 for those uses the last year or two. With lots of previous cameras we've tried having poor low-light performance, there will be little interest in using a pano unless it can match up in the department... but something with IR may just be worth of an on-site test at some point.


We have tested 2 panoramic cameras with integrated IR, worth considering:

The Hik doesn't offer 2 warped streams, so it's not going to work with DW Spectrum. We need a sub stream under 700 horizontal lines for server side motion detection. It also had big issues with IR hotspots in your tests.

IIRC the Vivotek had poor image quality. That's why we've used the Samsung 7010 previously. It had the ability to do dual streams and had better image quality.

However, the Samsung lacks IR and the 7010 isn't true day/night. The 8010 fixes the day/night issue, but still needs external IR illuminators.

This is why we are pinning hopes on the Dahua. Higher res (12mp) and low res sub stream. Plenty of frame rate for us at 15fps. And it has integrated IR with ICR.

The Hik does offer 2 warped streams; however, the sub-stream is 720*720 currently. I'm not sure that Smart IR was turned on in the tests you refer to.

David, you have worked with the Hik yourself? We found in a demo that we could only do one warped stream. Can you show me a screenshot confirming the second, warped stream?

Jon, I am a sales engineer for Hikvision. Here is a screenshot showing that there are four streaming modes. Mode 3 has the fisheye main and sub stream. However, I think DW Spectrum has a resolution limit on the 2nd stream of 360p to 480p if you want to use their Motion + Low Quality Always recording mode.

6MP Mode 3: Fisheye (2048*2048 + 720*720 @ 12 fps) + 3 PTZ (1024*768 @ 12 fps). Only Fisheye has sub-stream.

The camera can provide separate panorama and virtual PTZ streams.

HIkvision Fisheye Streaming Modes