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Dahua Announced 12MP/4K Box Camera

I received their weekly newsletter this morning with the announcement of their new 12MP/4K box cam. Now that the Chinese have hit the 4K market, does that mean others will follow?

This will probably be an expensive one...$399?

Dahua isn't the only one.

Unlike the ISE West show early this year which H.265 was virtually non existent, 4K and H.265 becomes mainstream in terms of new product trend at the 2014 Beijing show now.

the latest Dahua and Hik have a 1/1.7" Sensor, might actually be a good product, the Boxes on Ali are between 430 and 550USD, so the price is getting to where it needs to be for this to take off.

still waiting for someone to test them, we might look really closely at this thing

the Hik also looks good, but no 12mp mode which seems like a no brainer with all the 12mp floating around offering 4k x 3k